February 2012 Perth & Surrounds

It has been a pretty eventful time since we got back from Stockton Lake. As Matt & Anne (friends staying in our house) were in NZ for a holiday we parked in our usual parking spot at home for a few days and stayed in Tiki Tourer.  Had a great night at Lynda & Gareth’s, bit slow the next day though!

Tui  installed new shock absorbers and did some maintenance.  We have had problems closing our side door and on closer inspection Tui discovered that the whole stair well had dropped.  After putting in steel plates and re-fiber glassing some parts, the door now closers perfectly.  No more slamming.  Yipee!!  Thanks for your help Paul.

Then it was off to Tom & Gayle’s in North Dandalup for a few days to give them a hand to do some chores and set up for their party.  They are off on their big 6 month trip on the 1st of April in their beautiful Bus “Knott far Enuff”.  You never know you might meet them on the road!  They took us to the Jarradale Tavern for tea, great food, lovely setting!

Saturday arrived and on our way to do the shopping Gayle took me to the Nth Dandalup Dam.

As Gayle & Tom have a big block it was camp city.

The boys set up some games for a bit of fun.   Pinata for the kids


Pinata for the girls




and spear the Teddy for the boys.

What a fantastic time, great people, heaps of laughter!!!

Sunday was pretty laid back with quite a few leaving before lunch.  All of us that were staying Sunday night headed off crabbing around 5pm, getting back around 11pm so another late night.  Just got enough for a taste each. Beautiful!!

We did make a purchase from Tom & Gayle, a Rhino awning for the Suzuki.  Now all we need is Fly Mesh for around the sides.  As we said in a previous post we  lost our Fly Tent in the storm in Bindi Bindi.

Back home to Perth Monday!  Anne & Matt moved out on Wednesday 15th February and have moved to MacKay in Queensland so we have sort of moved back into the house.  Murphy’s Law, every time I need something it is in Tiki Tourer.  I am finding it hard to settle in and if the bed had been made up in Tiki Tourer I would have gone out there last night as I couldn’t sleep. Tui commented yesterday “Isn’t it nice to be home?”  My comment “NO let’s go”  Just want those wheels under my bum and get out of the Rat Race.  Something to work towards I guess!!

Well that’s about it I reckon!  Remember “Laugh more, live longer!!!”



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