May 2012 – On the farm

Wow! It has been awhile since our last blog, 2 months!

Prior to Tui’s operation we spent a few days at the farm and Pete & Tui did some burning off in preparation for seeding. One doing the burn with the other towing the water cart to extinguish.

It was then back home to fix the rental. We have now finished painting, repairing & cleaning. New Front Door, window in back bedroom, internal Doors, oven, dishwasher, air conditioner, blinds, every room re-painted  etc.etc. Very exhausting and cost us plenty!! Still no luck with Tui’s Income Protection Insurance and although he is not suppose to be, after his operation, he has started working to try and recoup some costs and of course Jude is still doing her work and also trying to think of some creative crafts that don’t take up too much space and that she can sell. Currently the project at hand is designing funny signs.  Need to purchase a laminator or some way of presenting them.  If any of you have any ideas let us know.

The rental all fixed.

We have also had to clear out our home so we are well and truly over cleaning etc.  Now officially “of no fixed abode”.

Tui has been working nearly every day seeding Barley and Canola over the last couple of weeks which he has now finished.  They can’t do the Wheat until we get some rain!  They are screaming out for it. Jude has been going and watching Lauren, Pete’s daughter, play Hockey every Saturday so that has been getting her out and about.

Amazing watching the fertiliser being tipped.  A bit different to NZ.  Note all wheels off the ground

Ebony, Pete’s other daughter, has completed the HBF Fun Run with the Year 11 Boarders from her school. They have all done a marvellous job of raising awareness for diabetes and raised around $6,000 we believe.

As we are not hooked up to water (power only) we have to fill our water and dump the tanks once a week.  Jude has now driven Tiki Tourer twice!  Once with Tui and once all alone while Tui was working.  We dump on the farm but have to drive up to about 5kms up the road to fill with water.  It is on the Great Northern Highway where heaps of Road Trains and Wide Loads travel.  Saturday there was a Road Train parked across where we drive in so Jude had to drive down a side road and come in the other direction.  Didn’t panic and didn’t hit anything!!  Pretty cool eh?

Saturday Pete found an old Pot Belly at the other farm and brought it to the shed so we all had drinks around the fire. It was cool! Tui got really creative and even put together a makeshift flue so we had no smoke in the shed or Bus.

Yesterday the project was to make a Sheep Crate for the back of the Ute.  Very creative using bits from around the farm.

It fits perfect!!!

Where to from here?  Well we will have consolidate a bit and recoup costs so depending on where the work is that is where we will be. Guess there will be no widespread travel for a little while but we will keep you posted.

Until then “Laugh more, live longer”


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