Charters Towers – December 2012

A couple of days before leaving Bluewater we finally had power! It was all full steam ahead to get our Brewing done and so nice to have air con!  The painter arrived and as soon as they were ready to paint outside it was time to pack up and head off.

Tui even got the Husaberg off the trailer for the first time, gave it a clean and went for a short Blat!!

Now it is only a few days till Christmas!! We have dragged the little Christmas tree out of the cupboard and put up a couple of decorations in Tiki Tourer.  Not as good as yours Justine!! Our first Christmas away from Perth since we moved there in 2001.  It feels strange and it is hard to feel the usual Christmas spirit.  We will miss our family & friends and our traditional Champagne Breakfast!

Currently we are helping our Mates, Jock & Annie, renovate their rental property in Charters Towers.  Tui has been fixing and painting while Jude has done a spot of Cleaning windows, 35 rows of windows, each with 5 plus panes of glass and 14yrs of grime!  Don’t want to clean windows for a while!

Both buses are parked on the block where we are renovating, walking distance to town. Most of the Blocks in Charters Towers are quite large and as you can see this one fits 2 Motorhomes very comfortably.

This has been our home for the last 2 weeks and the job is nearly complete. The humidity in Northern Queensland is a killer and we should have been here in winter not summer!!

What next?  Well you will have to wait until the next Blog!!

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a prosperous 2013.

Until next time “Laugh more, live longer”

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