Mackay – November 2015

Well our blogs are getting further & further apart!!  As you can imagine there is not a lot happening!

Sydnie and Jude did manage one day out that didn’t involve grocery shopping!  Out to Bucasia Beach for a picnic. It was a hot day so it was nice to have a little paddle!

Picnic TimeCooling off

Lovely spot but boy oh boy the midge bites afterward were not so good!

Bucasia Beach 2Bucasia Beach

Bucasia Beach is one of the beautiful northern beaches of Mackay, 4 km wide, an east-north-east facing bay nestled behind the Eimeo Headland. There is a beautiful park with barbecue facilities and a playground; on the other side, a boat ramp into the Eimeo creek. The decision was made to have a coffee at the Cafe by the park, unfortunately the quality of the coffee left a lot to be desired and after a couple of mouthfuls the cups were left on the table.

Dolphin Heads Eimeo AreaEimeo Beach Trees

After leaving Bucasia a bit of a Tiki Tour around the other beaches. Taking in Eimeo, Blacks Beach & Dolphin Heads. The Eimeo beach stretches from the mouth of Eimeo Creek in the west, to a rocky outcrop, which forms the northern boundary of Blacks Beach.

Blacks Beach 2Blacks Beach 3

Blacks Beach is located just 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Mackay. It’s the longest of Mackay’s northern beaches.  Boasting six kilometres of sparkling sand and gentle waters, this palm-lined beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing with a good book.

Tui has been carting cane from Finch Hatton to a farm several kms away to feed starving stock.  So sad to see no grass! Most days we are up at 4am and he doesn’t get home until after 8pm. Normally 6 days a week.  Too tired on his day off to work on the trailer! Long days! Lovely people, both where he is carting from and where he is carting to.  Down to earth Outback folk.

Loading Stockfeed

We did have a break last weekend and headed up to Tui’s brothers place at Finch Hatton.  They had a Hangi and we stayed up to watch the Rugby World Cup.  Awesome job Allblacks!!! One of their boys has a birthday in December but normally they are flooded in then so the kids made him a cake! Fantastic job they did too! The last time we had a Hangi was for Tui’s brother’s birthday 2 years ago. Tasted awesome!

The cakeTui at Furlyns

Tui's BroThe boys

We slept in a tent,leaving early next morning, back to Tiki Tourer and back to bed, exhausted but happy!!

Jude has planted a therapy garden of Mint, parsley, Marigolds and Rosemary and has continued to do her soft toys. Sent the Grandies one each to NZ, Kangaroo for Max, Shaun the sheep for Ella & a Pig for Sam. The  latest made being a Lion.

Therapy GardenJude's Lion

Tui made a couple of purchases which were a real hoot!  A new mask to keep out the Bagasse & a mask to get rid of blackheads.  A bit of a laugh when we both put a blackhead mask on! Luckily no photo of Jude!!

Tui's maskBlackhead Mask

Well things are winding down at the Mills and we have had 2 of the housemates leave.  Macca’s 4 wheel drive is still here so we are picking that he will return and take it back in a trailer when the trucks have to go south to cart Almonds.

The weather has started to get really humid here and as we still haven’t got our Air Cons fixed Jude is very grateful for the portable one Brett has lent us. It also looks as though Don & Sydnie are going to be heading off in a couple of weeks!  Jude won’t be happy as she will lose her company!!!

The positive of the work slowing is Tui will get a chance to work on the trailer, however it will be hard with no income coming in! Who knows when we will finally have a different place as our heading! Oh to get those wheels rolling again!!

Until next time “Laugh more, live longer!”








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