Mackay – December 2015

It is that time of year when we reflect on the year that has been! A rather challenging one!

January saw us in Mossman with Tui continuing with his flying lessons and working for Oakdare on the Forestry Roads in the Tablelands.  It all got too much when they had to clean out all the culverts by hand, getting attacked by leeches, he decided it was time for a break.

Cleaning Culverts  Microlight airborne

Jude had her maiden flight in the Microlight but hasn’t managed to get up in it again, not yet anyway!

Jude's maiden voyage 2Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas

It was then time to leave our friends in Mossman.  Loaded up the Microlight on the trailer with Jude following in the car.  It was really strange not traveling in Tiki Tourer, Tui reckons it was peaceful!!

Side view 1Coast camp spot 2

First stop was only a few kms along the Port Douglas/Cairns road, where Tui had to fix the trailer lights. We decided to stay the night and headed up to Mareeba Rodeo grounds the next day to say our farewells to our friends there. Lots of rain & flooding. A massive leak in our side window so Tui fixed that as soon as we had a break in the weather.

Mareeba BridgeFinding the leak

Off to Mackay where Tui had the use of Fellows shed to widen & lengthen the trailer so we could fit the Microlight & Car on it. Had a couple of nights at Bluewater Free Camp just out of Townsville, a welcome break! Parked up at the shed for 5 months.

Bluewater CampParking Spot Fellows

Man oh man the midges ate Jude alive and had to resort to taking Telfast tablets to ease the itching!! We were really blessed to have some great friends call in and stay a night or two. Carolyn, Charlie and our mate Joe the dog were the first. Staying for Tui’s birthday. Then Lil & Rob, Marg & Greg.

Eimeo PubUnderside painted white

Great progress on the trailer to start with but then Tui had to fit it in between working.  We then got the sad news that our BEST tenants had bought their own house. Happy for them but did not want to lose them! Also had some hassles with a job we had done in Perth which cost us dearly and resulted in a trip to Perth!.  Around this time both our air con units decided to give up the ghost. Tui found some 110v units in Melbourne but unfortunately the courier put a fork lift through them! Still using a borrowed portable one! Purchased a new toilet as well!

A trip to Brisbane with Brett (Tui’s Boss) & Tam in the Fellows Ute. Exhausting!

Brisbane City HopperBrisbane the new

A hairy moment when Tui had a blow out in his front steer Tyre on the Truck! Moved from the shed to the house that Fellows rent for the drivers.  Tui would have preferred to stay at the shed! Had more friends visit, Gavin & Vanessa then Sandra & Nev.  Great to see you guys!

Tui's TyreCamp site

Jude had an awesome birthday in August and we had an addition to the family! Samantha (Sam) Morgan was born on the 29th August!  Such a treasure!

290815 1 hr approxResized my sister

Picnic TimeJude & Sydnie managed a few coffee outings and one picnic! Not as many as last time. Now that the Cane Season is over everyone is leaving and going their own ways. Miss you Sydnie!!




Last month was an extremely difficult one for Jude! She had to make a rush trip to New Zealand as her brother John (JOTTO) passed away suddenly after a massive stroke. A huge shock to all the family.  Miss you Bro!


OTTO, John. Suddenly on 5th November 2015. Loved brother of Janine, Judy and the late Elaine. Brother in law of Bob, Tui and the late Jack and all their families. A special man who’s smile and unique laughter will be so missed.




On a positive note, it really did help being with family & friends! Although it was hard leaving Tui in Mackay!

Another mishap while Jude was away!  A sudden downpour which broke the main roller of the awning, ripping a hole in the side wall!!! Grrrr!! Photos on Tui’s Phone which Jude hasn’t managed to download!

Now that Tui’s work has finished he is spending every spare moment on the trailer and has made huge progress.  Hurt his back a couple of days ago but is being stubborn and won’t rest!! He has had a young guy giving him a hand, unfortunately over the last couple of days he has made some pretty bad muck ups causing frustration!!  Quite hard to get good photos but Tui is nearly ready to put the outside cladding on.  He has even put a drop down bench in for Jude’s washing machine, slide out for Pizza Oven & massive shelving.  A special place for everything. A massive job, very proud!!! We have now been in Mackay 10 months, 5 at the shed and 5 at the house!

Shelving in trailerTail gate

Pretty hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year but Jude has the little Christmas Tree out, decorated Tiki Tourer and put our flashing lights out in the Patio of the house. The lights look impressive from Tiki Tourer. Not bad for a $7 investment 4 years ago!

We would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and an awesome 2016!

Until next year “Laugh more, live longer!”Emu Christmas

Christmas Dec





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  1. Hi Judy and Tui
    What another lovely blog! Just love reading them – it makes the distance between us seem smaller. This is such a heartfelt summary of 2015 filled with happiness and sadness.
    Wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2016. May it be filled with good health and much joy!
    Miss you guys like crazy xx
    Lots of love from the Snowdon clan and Oscar Chops

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