Steep Point (The most Western Point of Australia)

Just back from a very successful 1st 4×4 camping trip. As in our previous Blog we stayed at Hamelin Station Stay, a great place to set off from for Steep Point. A special thanks to Mary & Brian and John & Wendy for making our stay so enjoyable.

Dining, Barbie & Reception area  and the sign to Reception

The Lake at Hamelin Station Stay & the ablution block.  Very nice!

Sue & Paul arrived up from Perth all loaded with their double swag, Barbie, Fishing Rods etc. & food to last a month or two. We all stayed at Hamelin Station Stay Monday night then set off for Steep Point Tuesday morning. What a magnificent place!!  A MUST see if you have a 4 wheel Drive vehicle.

All set to go                                                                     Our Camp Site (Turtle camp)

The road out there wasn’t as bad as anticipated.  Mind you there had been rain prior to our departure and the Ranger had just graded the day before. Our camp site above was spectacular as you can see we couldn’t get much closer to the beach, however our closest Dunny was 10 mins walk away. We drove out to Steep Point just as the sun had gone down so unfortunately our photo of the sign is a bit dark and unreadable.  We had decided we would go back in the daylight but that didn’t happen. The 1st night Tui & Paul found a good fishing spot and didn’t get home till midnight.  Not huge fish but very tasty and it was fantastic to have fresh fish for breakfast! Jude made the mistake of offering to do the filleting the 1st day so that was the designated chore from then on.

The flash Dunny!                                                            Jude Filleting

Thursday was a day of looking at the sites. It is really hard to describe the scenery.  It is spectacular to say the least. really hard to pick only a few photos.

Thunder Bay Blowholes

Headed back out Friday calling into False Entrance Blow Holes on the way back to Hamelin Station.

So lucky with the weather then rain last night! Staying at Hamelin Station again tonight then off North to who knows where!

Until next time “Laugh more live longer”!



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