Mossman – November 2014

Another Month has passed us by and what an eventful Month it has been.  We guess some of you will see the heading and say “How can it be eventful when you are in the same place!”  Well guess we had better fill you in then!!

We were all sitting around having happy hour and and this “Maui” Motorhome pulled up right in front of Tiki Tourer.  Jude’s comment was “What are these silly tourist doing?”  Low and behold it was Jude’s sister & brother in law (Janine & Bob)!  They decided on the spur of the moment, as Jude did the previous month with her trip to NZ, to come on over from NZ and surprised us!  What a surprise it was too!

1st Happy Hour Janine & BobIt was great to have them here to join our Australian friends.

A rest day the first day then we decided to take them for a day trip up to Cooktown, doing the Bloomfield track on the way up and taking the inland road on the way back.

Bloomfield TrackThe first stop was Wonga Beach where we had a quick stroll on the beach.

Wonga Beach






It was then time to cross the Daintree River on the Ferry. No waiting just straight on within a couple of minutes and only about 10mins to cross.  The Daintree Ferry provides access into the Cape Tribulation area. This is accessible by conventional vehicles except during periods of heavy rain. Crossing the Daintree River via a vehicular ferry is an experience not to be missed at a cost of $13 one way and operates from 6am to midnight every day.

Daintree FerryDaintree River

After crossing the Daintree Ferry you travel through lowland and tropical rainforest passing road junctions for Cape Kimberley and Cow Bay. Time for a cuppa at the cafe at Thornton Beach.  Beaut spot!

Cafe on the BeachMorning Tea

Bloomfield track sign1st River crossing

The start of the Bloomfield track! River crossings and picturesque waterways, lovely Beaches & rugged mountains where the Rainforest meets the sea!  Not much water in the crossings this time of year though as we haven’t had any rain. The Bitumen ends at Cape Tribulation.

River crossing 2Bloomfield River

Walu Wugirriga LookoutWujal Wujal

Some of the steeper parts of the track have been concreted with the construction of 2 major bridges.

Bridge ConstructionBloomfiels River Bridge

Woobadda Creek Crossing which is still under construction and the Bloomfield River Bridge at Wujal Wujal which is now complete.  Black Mountain is an amazing site and from a distance it looks as though there has been a bushfire but on closer inspection it is a mass of granite boulders, some the size of houses. The absence of soil between the boulders and rocks create a maze of gaps and passages, which can be used to penetrate inside the mountain. These rocks can become extremely hot. The area has a bad reputation as numerous people and those searching for the missing have disappeared without trace. Black Mountain is approximately 25kms South of Cooktown.

Black MountainLions Den

The famous Lions Den Pub 5kms further on.  A must visit, we decided to have lunch there.

Lions Den Inside Approaching Cooktown

Cooktown is a small town and at the time of the 2011 census, Cooktown had a population of 2,339. However in the peak tourist season this raises dramatically.  Cooktown is at the mouth of the Endeavour River, on Cape York Peninsula where James Cook beached his ship, the Endeavour, for repairs in 1770. Both the town and Mount Cook (431 metres or 1,415 feet) which rises up behind the town were named after James Cook.  It is the northernmost town on the east coast of Australia and was founded on 25 October 1873 as a supply port for the goldfields along the Palmer River. It was called ‘Cook’s Town’ until 1 June 1874.

Musical ShipTui Playing

Of course Tui had to have a play on the Musical Ship. Views from the look out are spectacular.

Cooktown Lookout 1Cooktown Lookout 2

The inland road on the way back, Mulligan Highway, is a good road, but a bit boring after the excitement of the Bloomfield Track.  However we did have some excitement when we were stopped by Police just out of Cooktown as a burn off had jumped the highway.  Janine & Bob’s first Bush Fire!

Bush FireLookout inland road

A big day, leaving at 7.30am and getting back at 6.30pm.  A region that we must visit again as there is so much more to see.  We had only been home a short while when Tui got the dreaded phone call to say that he had to start work the next day, a 6 day stint staying at the Tolga Pub then 3 days off.  A bit disappointing as it meant we couldn’t go Tiki Touring with Janine & Bob.   Tui is working for a company who have the contract to complete maintenance on the National Parks and Wild life roads.  Currently he is working at the back of Lake Tinaroo.  He appears to be enjoying it and his work is varied, driving the Roller, Water Truck, Tipper and using a chainsaw etc.

RollerGrader & Truck

He now works 11 days on and 3 days off & is now staying at the Graham Hotel in Mareeba.  He gets fed extremely well and has lunches provided as well.

Port Douglas lookout

Saturday Jude took Janine & Bob to Port Douglas for a look and a spot of shopping.  Then the next day they too were off in their Motorhome to see the sites of the Tablelands.

Luckily Jude has great friends here that keep her company while Tui is away!

Tui arrived back on his days off with Janine & Bob arriving the next day.  By all accounts they had a great time. It was time for Janine to do a Microlight flight.  Andrew who has been training Tui took her up in the 4 stroke, the u beaut one & she loved it.

Getting readyback to earth

Then we did the Mossman Gorge.  Not much water this time of the year but pretty all the same.  Nestled in the World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest, Mossman Gorge contains the oldest, continuously surviving rainforest on earth.  Just one hectare of the 120,000 hectare forest can contain over 30,000 species of plants and animals. An eco-friendly, low emission shuttle bus leaves from the Mossman Gorge Centre to the heart of the Gorge.  Departs every 15 minutes, between 8.00am and 5.15pm daily. Easy walking tracks that cater for all fitness types.  At the Mossman Gorge Centre there is an array of services to help you organise your adventure through the Gorge. Staff at the Visitor are very helpful & friendly. The Cafe offers light snacks and refreshments through to delicious meals or you can just have an ice cream like we did.

Mossman Gorge SignMossman Gorge 3

Mossman Gorge WalkwaysMossman Gorge Bridge 2

Monday wasn’t a good day for Jude.  Tui left at 6am for an 11day stint at work and Janine & Bob left around 9am to get closer to the airport for the flight home.  Great to see them but always sad to say goodbyes!! To ease the 11 days Jude took a trip up to Mareeba & stayed the Saturday night with Tui.  It was great to call in and see friends at the Rodeo grounds & our Mates at Walkamin. Also stopped in at Mt Molloy and took a photo of the Pub at last.  Barbara is now the Bikie chick at the rodeo grounds parking anyone new coming in.  Not many there now!

Mt Molloy PubBarb parking attendant

Melbourne Cup was a fun day, starting with nibbles at lunchtime, sweepstake & Bar-B-Que for tea at Rob & Dot’s.  Of course a bit of Champagne as well!

Melborne Cup DrawMelbourne Cup Day

The Mossman Caravan Park is really starting to empty out and Saturday we lose good friends Dot & Rob then Sunday Julie, Darryl & Casie.  Will sure miss them!!  We now have to make the decision, do we stay here with Tui staying at the Pub so he is close to the Microlight on his days off or do we move Tiki Tourer up to the Tablelands so Tui can be home at nights??

I guess you will have to wait for the next blog to find out!  Until then “Laugh more, live longer!!”





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  1. Well this was good reading, hope to catch up with you guys one day again. Keep on liv ing the life you do. This is great.

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