Mackay – July 2015

Wow! Nearly the end of the Month! Only just getting this Blog done in time!!

It has been a really strange Cane season this year, although the work has picked up, the Mills have been really start/stop.  Brett managed to get work for the boys at the Proserpine Mill which has been a saving grace. One of these trips where they had to cart from Proserpine to past Bowen Tui had a left hand front steer Tyre blow out!  Almost change the underwear moment!  He was driving with cruise control on up the main highway when it blew.  Lots of comments that he did well to keep it on the road.

Tui's TyreStuffed Headlight

Cracked Bonnet


Quite a bit of damage apart from the Tyre! Cracked Bonnet, missing headlight, guard damage!!





Brett has had a birthday since the last Blog and we all went to the Mount Pleasant Tavern.  Lovely food and nice atmosphere. With over 29 toppers to choose from, they have schnitzels well and truly covered. You can select your preferred serving size and favourite topping. Like MOO-HA-HA (beef chilli, sour cream, guacamole and salsa), Crooked Crab (crab meat, calamari, asparagus & béchamel) or Tony Pepperoni (Napoli sauce & pepperoni)! Tui had to work late so called in on the way home and finished off what Tam & I couldn’t eat from our Seafood Plates. Jude of course did her usual and made a Banana Birthday Cake.

mt Pleasant TavernBrett's Birthday 2

Thanks to the Mt Pleasant Tavern Web site for the Photo!

Tui has made some progress on the Trailer and much to Jude’s delight he has designed a slide out with a purposely purchased hatch door for the Pizza Oven as well as a frame underneath it for the Gas Bottle. This will make for real easy access!  Jude will just have to open the hatch, slide out the Pizza Oven, turn the Gas Bottle on and hey presto hot scones in no time at all!

Pizza Oven slideoutPizza Oven inside trailer 2

A few people have said that the Blog outlines what Tui is up to but what does Jude do?  Well while parked at the shed the Pizza Oven got a work out with the occasional Hot Scones, Pizza Bread etc. for anyone that was working there.  She hasn’t tried cakes in the Pizza Oven yet but those were cooked in the Tiki Tourer Oven.

Pizza Bread

Of course she still does her headset sales for MIS Communications, thanks to her loyal customers and has now started to do some crochet projects. A variety of Cushion covers, soft toys etc.  A couple of examples below:

Cushion 2Cushion

Bride & Groom KittensShaun the sheep

Jude & Sydnie have had a couple of shopping outings but as soon as they organise something one of the boys have a day off!

We have finally moved away from the shed and are now parked at the house that Fellows Bulk rents for the Drivers.  Tui was very hesitant to leave his trailer as it was really convenient when not working to get up in the morning and go straight out to the shed.  Jude however, is much happier.  No midgies and Tiki Tourer stays clean a lot longer!! We have quite a good spot although the ground was a bit soft when we backed in and we thought Tiki Torer was going to get bogged!

Tiki Tourer marksCamp site

Quite a well designed house, with quiet bedrooms, enabling everyone to get a good sleep! Well equipped kitchen with dishwasher but high benches.

High BenchesA disgusting photo but shows Jude on her step from out of Tiki Tourer turning the roast vegies! We all get on well and have had several joint meals.

We have set up a Barbie area with the Fellows Barbie and of course the Pizza Oven!

Barbie area




Looking out to road


View from Awning 2





Yesterday Tam pulled apart an old washing machine that was in the shed and made a fire pit!  Had to christen it last night!

Fire Pit all goFire Pit glowing

Entertainment area complete!!

We are not far away from the Goose Ponds and the intention was to walk down and take photos for this blog.  However on reading through it has been decided to leave that for the next one!

Until then “Laugh more, live longer!”

1 thought on “Mackay – July 2015”

  1. Hi Jude and Tui,
    Loved reading your latest blog (as always)! OMG how lucky was Tui with the blow out – thankfully it was only the tyre and truck that ended up in a mess and not Tui – I bet that was one scary moment!
    Jude – you are so clever – love your crochet projects – I reckon that could be your second business. The little lamby is soooo cute – I want one – LOL!
    You really have everything you could want – the addition to the trailer for the pizza oven is amazing. Well done Tui. Your new location looks lovely – what a great set up. The photo of the high benches did make me laugh – thank god for your little step Jude – a necessity if you were going to reach your wine Jude. Ha ha ?
    Please can you send me your new address so that we don’t lose touch.
    We all send our love to you guys ❤️ – miss you.
    Take good care of yourselves xxxxx

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