Still in Perth September/October 2016

Well & truly overdue for an update so here goes! As you can see we are still in the Perth area. After 3 weeks of solid work on our house & garden, Tui was set to move back in when our Property Manager found new tenants.  It was great catching up with friends and thanks Justine & Tony for a lovely meal. We hadn’t quite finished cleaning out what we hadn’t used in Tiki Tourer & Trailer in the previous 5 years but the tenants wanted to move in early so down the road we went. However we have since had a big clean out of both the trailer and Tiki Tourer.

We parked up at Paul & Sue’s at Mullaloo and Tui offered to install their new oven for them.



Well the renovations continued with cupboards around the microwave which was installed where the old oven was, kitchen family room and dining room painted, new wheels on glass sliding door.  Then it was onto the Office and Master Bedroom with walls painted and wooden floors installed.  We think the neighbours thought we had moved in permanently.

Took time out one Sunday and went 4 wheel driving with Paul, Sue, Kenny and Marzie (sorry probably wrong spelling). Sunny but cool. Suzi went pretty well but we lost clearance and got stuck in the big ruts in the sand.  Tui reckons a lift kit is on the cards.


We had a lovely few days away.  Went down to Kenwick to Theron’s and he took us up the Swan River in his boat.  Although it was cold, once again the sun was shining and we had an awesome day. Thanks Mate!


Called into a couple of wineries and bought some lovely Port.  Stayed with Theron & Christine for 2 nights then headed south to Herron Point just south of Mandurah, a spot we have been to a few times.  No power or water but only $7 a night each.  It was great to just chill out.



Only a one night stay then up to Hayden’s as Tania was doing our Tax for us.  Thanks heaps Tania.  Jude also spent a weekend with them prior.  So good to catch up and Jude & Hayden enjoyed watching the All Blacks together.  Poor Tania said “oh no not two of you abusing the Ref””




A couple of photos below driving up to Hayden’s.



It was then time to head back to Perth.


Back up Paul & Sue’s for a bit. Jude received a nice surprise as Tui bought a new hand basin for Tiki Tourer and installed it.  What a difference! No more rusty blemishes.


Hooked up the trailer and headed North. The plan was to make our way up to Bindi Bindi and catch up with Pete, who Tui worked for when we first started traveling.  The decision was made to make our way up the coast stopping at Moore River the first night. This was where we tried out our Kayaks the first time before we started traveling full time.moore-river-campmoore-river

Next morning turned out cold, scrawly showers and strong winds.  Not very pleasant but we headed further up the coast on the Indian Ocean Drive.



Called into Lancelin and bought a Pie each then up to the Cervantes turn off and across to Moora, which is only 40 mins or so from Bindi Bindi.  cervantes-to-mogumber

Really good Free Camp opposite the IGA with a Dump Point and water.


Just parked up and low & behold Topsy & Arie who now live in Moora, called in to see us.  Great to see you guys, you are always so much fun. Ooops missed photos again. We sent a text to Pete and he was away in Mandurah. Darn.


Our friend Kim has bought a farm at Mogumber, 30 mins south of Moora, so we set off there instead.  Really nice property and we had a great camping spot.




It wasn’t long before Kim had an Air Strip mowed so Tui could go flying.


Air Strip number one was a bit of a challenge.  Bit short and power lines one end and fence the other, also the odd tree to navigate.  Kim was back on the tractor to mow strip number 2.  Tui took some awesome photos.  There are a series of Motorcross tracks on Kim’s property that he leases out, pretty spectacular from the air.



Tui also captured the dust of a truck traveling up a Gravel Road.  Time to pay Kim back with a bit of work around the farm.  The Garage Door boys making sheds out of old panels.


We had a couple of days over 30 degrees and man did we feel it after temperatures well below 20 previously.  It was pretty short lived as we were soon back into Trackies and Jumpers.  The local Mogumber Pub has a free meal on Thursday nights so we headed down there with Kim. Not a flash meal but nice all the same and we got to meet some locals.


Saturday night was the Bindoon Rodeo.  Greg rode up from Margaret River and Kim’s Partner, Kerry, came up from Perth.  It was so cold we all left early and went to the Bindoon Pub for Dinner.  Lovely atmosphere and meal.  Then it was back to the farm to light a bonfire.  Great night. Jude was all set to take some awesome photos of the fire, unfortunately the camera battery died.

Project number 2.  Erect the Patio.  Kim had this given to him, massive.



Had a second night at the Mogumber Tavern for tea.  Jude met a lady, Noleen, and got talked into going to the Mogumber Library next morning to meet the some of the ladies of the district that have a coffee morning every Friday.  After coffee they all headëd to an open garden but unfortunately we were heading off to Bindi Bindi so it was back to Kim’s to pack a few things away. Kim had killed a couple of sheep so Jude had to rearrange the freezer to fit it in.  Thanks Kim, very much appreciated.

Finally made it to Bindi Bindi.  The weather has heated up again.  More about this in the next Post.

Until then “Laugh more, live longer”.




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