The Trailer

Tui and his mate, Lance, finally finished building the trailer after several weekends of toil. This has been purposely built to our specific requirements. Large front cupboard for tools etc, side ramp to load the trail bikes, back ramps for the Suzuki 4X4, mesh roof to house the kayaks and aluminum dingy (yet to be purchased). We initially purchased a four door Suzuki, however it was too long to enable two bikes to be loaded in front of it, so now we have a two door Suzuki.

The Trailer is 7.5 meters long and 2.4 meters wide.  The tools cupboard is wired for lighting  has custom built cupboards installed with lockable sliding doors to keep Tui’s goodies safe.

We have also installed a solar panel on the trailer with 2 batteries and an inverter inside our trailer cupboard to run an extra Fridge/freezer.

This runs totally independent from the set up in Tiki Tourer and Tui is hopeful of filling it with fish at some stage.

 Well after 4 years on the road and with the purchase of a Microlight it was time to do some extensive alterations on the trailer. We were fortunate enough to have the use of a shed in MacKay with all the gear required to do this work, thanks to “Fellows Bulk Transport”

The old trailer was completely stripped down to the Chassis. Then measure, measure & re-measure!

Off with the Tool cupboardMeasure time

Side and back extensions done.

Side extension 2Back extension

With the use of the Gantry the trailer was flipped over and the underside painted with Iron Oxide to prevent rust then a top coat of white.

Underside painted 2Underside painted white

Next came the framing and new Mud Guards.

FramingNew Mudguard

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