Mackay – February 2015

Yep, you have read the Title of this Blog correctly!  After 5 months in Mossman we have moved on and yes, we are back in MacKay!!! Why? Some of you may ask! Well the Trailer needs to be altered so that we can fit the Suzuki and Tui’s Microlight on board so Jude doesn’t have to follow behind! We have the use of a shed here to carry out the work, hence the decision to come to MacKay.

Now to back track a little to let you know what we have been up to in the last month. As mentioned in the last Blog, Tui was cleaning out Culverts until he hurt his back.  Then it was goodbye to the job. There was a bit of hilarity with a headline in the local paper.

Paper Headline0002It was actually an article about a Dog that ran away and was found near a Butchers or something!!

Lots of last minute flying!!  Had a great night at the Exchange Hotel the week before we left!  Just 6 of us left of the group.  Dinner, live music and stayed till closing, dancing the night away!  Quiet day next day!

The day before packing up the Microlight to transport it on the Trailer we shouted Andrew (Tui’s Flying Instructor) Maria (his wife) & Mark (another Pilot) to dinner at “On The Inlet” in Port Douglas, a multi-award winning restaurant that specialises in Seafood. Andrew said the Whole Coral Trout was to die for, so we selected “Crispy Whole Fried Fish of the Day w/ thai caramel, asian slaw & fresh lime”  He wasn’t wrong!!

On the Inlet

Time to pack up the Microlight!  Beautiful weather, not!  First off, a hole had to be cut in the roof! Then the rearrangement of everything.  About 4 hrs all up.  Mark made Tui a couple of personalised singlets.  Great job Mark!

Hole in roofTying off in rain

Side view 1Mark's Singlet

Back to Mossman for last drinks with our mates.  Going to miss you guys.  Poor Joe (Carolyn & Charlie’s Dog) couldn’t work out what was happening as Tiki Tourer was his 2nd home!!

Saturday we headed off, deciding to stay on the coast for a night before heading up to Mareeba.  Lots of rain so all we could do was chill out, not a bad thing!  Must have taken the photos at a rare moment when there was no rain.

Coast camp spot 2Coast camp spot

The trailer break lights weren’t working so off came the Pizza Oven so that Tui could get to the control box.  New home was beside the Microlight!

Fixing trailer brakes

A trip to Bunnings, then up the Kuranda range to Mareeba!  Lots of rain and lots of flooding!

Mareeba BridgeMareeba flood

Parked up at the Mareeba Rodeo Grounds so that we could catch up with our Mates there and also pick up our side walls for the awning at long last!  We had ordered the awning and side walls back in June last year and after the first set of side walls not fitting we finally have them on board.  Haven’t had a chance to set them up yet so fingers crossed they are all good this time!  With all the rain we had a massive leak in our side window, another job for Tui.

Finding the leakIt was then time to hit the road again!  It was really strange with the Suzuki following behind in convoy!  Stopped at Cardwell for lunch then onto Bluewater where we stayed for a couple of nights.  The plan was to stay until Friday night as that is the only night they have live music, Burgers etc and cheap drinks at the Community Centre across the Sports field from the Free Camp.  However after spending a day in Townsville, having lunch and visiting Tui’s favourite store, Tui was a bit bored so we hit the road.

Bluewater CampTui's shop

Good weather until we were nearly at MacKay, very heavy rain at times.  Pulled in just before 5pm, Friday night! During our travels we got an email from our BEST tenants, that are renting our home, to say that they had sold their house in the UK and were going to look to buy a place. Big decisions for us to make now!!  Great news for them and we are really happy for them but not so good for us!!!

Parking Spot FellowsInside shed

Our time here didn’t start off too well!  Got the keys for the shed Saturday afternoon, which was all good.  Took the trailer off Tiki Tourer and put it in the shed with Suzi, had to pump up the air bags!!  Then Tui went to shut one of the big doors of the shed, which is in two sections, and the wind caught one side, jamming his hand in between them.  Jude was in Tiki Tourer and heard Tui scream out.  First thought was the trailer had come off the Jockey wheel and landed on him! He was so lucky really as it could have ended in a broken hand! A bit of a mess but it is coming right now!

Washing machine and Pizza Oven all set up in the shed and Tui has set up a clothes line in the shed as well.  Things that really make Jude’s life a lot easier.  Roast Pork on the Menu last night!!

Pizza Oven Washing machineWashing Line Fellows

Sunday was spent emptying the trailer!  Man oh Man what a lot of stuff!! Then off with the roof!

Trailer nearly stripped outRoof off 1

Well that has brought you all right up to date!  Guess we will be here for awhile!

Until next time “Laugh more, live longer”!!






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