Maclean – May 2016 – Part 2

Well here we go with Part 2!

The day after doing a Tiki Tour to Brooms Head we had a lay day.  Jeff had given Tui a contact for an Air Strip so he decided to do a bit of maintenance on his Microlight, and gave it a run around the showgrounds minus the wing. He got some strange looks!!

mirolight ServiceGiving Microlight a run

Palmers Island/Yamba Airport (according to google) is only 9.5kms from Maclean.  It is known as the McIntyres Airfield and is privately owned.  Bob McIntyre keeps the strip immaculate and is a lovely guy. The strip is so long Tui can take off and land 3 times before getting to the end!

Airstrip signAirstrip 2

Arriving fairly late in the afternoon and as we had the use of a hanger with landing fees at $10 a day, Tui set the wing up ready for the next day.

Getting the wing readySetting up wing

Unfortunately because of council regulations we could only stay there overnight. Leaving the trailer and Microlight there, it was back to the show grounds after Tui had done a couple of flights.  Great to see him up in the air, enjoying himself again!

Airstrip siteAirstrip Clubhouse

Nearly readyTui ready for take off

For the next few days Tui drove out to the Strip to do his flying, taking Jeff for a joy ride one day.  Weather was fantastic and he got some lovely aerial shots which we guess most of you have seen on facebook!

Aerial view 1Aerial view 3

Aerial view 7Aerial view 5

It was then time to pack up the Microlight again and as we had done our 3 nights at the show grounds, it was back to our spot on Woodford Island by the Boat Ramp for one last night.  We spent just over 2 weeks in Maclean and absolutely loved it!  It is a really friendly town with lots going for it!

Telegraph poleOne of the most distinctive, and overly Scottish symbols are the numerous Scottish tartans which have been painted on the base of the Telegraph poles.  There is so much more that we didn’t get to see!  A must place to revisit! Thanks Jeff & Debbie for showing us around!  Quite sad when we left!  However next stop was Grafton which is only 37kms south.  Yep moving really fast!!


All good things must come to an end and with the Bank Balance looking rather low perhaps it’s time for work again!!  Still not up to date and a short Blog this time.

Until next time, “Laugh more, live longer!”


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  1. I’ve been reading your blog from time to time over past two years, ever since we bought a dining room suite from someone in Currambine who knew you and told us about your blog. In fact it was your blog who inspired me to start a travel blog of our own. It’s fantastic for letting friends know how our travels are going without having to email them all. Mind you, my grandson set the blog up for us, and it’s format stays the same, as I’m hopeless at technology. Hope you’re not coping a drenching down the coast. We’re moving north and are now staying at Flaggy Rocks.

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