Easy Casserole

This is a good recipe for the EcoPot, however it is equally as good in the oven or stove top.  When cooking in the EcoPot do not use as much liquid as there is no evaporation and it may require thickening before serving.


Stewing or casserole Steak                                                                        Pk Tomato Soup mix            Pineapple Juice                                                                                        Onion                                         Any vegetables i.e. carrots, pumpkin or even green vegetables as well.  Just as good as a one pot dinner or just a meat dish.  Quantities are only relevant to taste and the amount you wish to cook. As a rough guide for 500g of meat I would use approx, 250mls Pineapple Juice, 1 pk Tomato Soup Mix.  It makes a lovely rich sauce.

If using the EcoPot brown meat & vegetables first.



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