Bike Rides

As Tui is an avid Trail Bike Rider and is a member of the Trail & Enduro Club, purchasing Tiki Tourer was the best thing we ever did.  Now Jude was able to join him for the weekend rides.

Walpole 24th-27th April 2009

Stopping at Bridgetown on the way down. 

Rest Point Road Holiday Park – Beaut place. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting!!        Then it is all go!!!  

Wannamal 3rd-4th May 2009

Bikes off the trailer, then disappointment too dusty, too dangerous! 

Honda Adventure Rally – Mornington 16th-17th May 2009 

Wannamal June 09

At last some rain so the ride can go ahead. 

Capel July 09 

Quindanning July 09  

Cute Pub!

Walpole April 2010

Left home Friday night and had decided we would stop at the Rest Area at Arthurs River so the trip wasn’t too long in one day.  Just got 30kms before our place to stop for the night when Tui went to put the lights back onto high beam and Oh No, no lights.  Fortunately there was a bit of moonlight and we were able to safely pull over.  This is one of those times when having a handy man on board is very handy indeed.  It was the dip switch that had conked out so Tui hot wired it out of the circuit and we were on our way again.

Need that fire, bit chilly!!

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