On the Farm

We can now say we are officially on the road although we haven’t moved far. The Solar Panels are now mounted on Tiki Tourer but the wiring is still to be completed.

Calingiri Traders & Cafe                                                Caravan Park

After spending a few days with our friends, Jock & Annie, at Calingiri we have now moved up to the farm where Tui has a job seeding wheat.  Great time at Calingiri, awesome night at the Sports Club, very friendly people and lots of fun.

Sunday Breakfast with Jock & Annie

The farm is not far from Bindi Bindi.  See our link “see where we are”. Our  camp site is next to an old farm house.  We have water, power, an extra toilet and shower to use which will save having to empty and fill tanks.  I have good phone and internet coverage for my work, so what more could we ask for.

Our Start Stop Journey

Well guys I guess you are all wondering why you have seen us back at home base a couple of times!!  It is like this, the panels arrived so home we went to fit them after the Kellerberrin Season Break Concert, which I might add was fantastic music and we hope that next year they will get more people. We stayed at the Cunerdin camping Ground on the way down.  Nice friendly town.

Tui excitedly unpacked them only to find that not only were they all different but one was definitely 2nd hand.

After several phone calls and emails to Sydney, Solar Energy Store sent a courier to pick them up.  The idea was that as soon as we had the Con Note number they were going to ship the replacement panels.  Now with Easter fast approaching we thought that we would get them prior.  No such luck, in fact when I did a track and trace the ETA was the Thursday after Easter.

Well we weren’t going to sit around and do nothing for Easter and great friends of ours, Gayle, Tom, Julie & Russell were heading off for Stockton Lake near Collie.  We knew that it would be busy so headed down on the Wednesday.  Sent a text to Tom and said how busy it was then low & behold Tom arrived at 11.30pm, Julie & Russell the following afternoon and poor Gayle arrived Friday morning as she had to work.  Fantastic weekend with great company.

Good Friday Feast

Black Diamond Lake

Headed up to Gayle & Tom’s Monday and stayed with them the night. Fantastic hospitality!!!

Back to home base for Tuesday night. It was awesome that our mate Anne had tea organised for us.  Yummy Lamb Shanks!! Now with all these ups & downs yours truly had lost the con note number for the panels so couldn’t do a track and Tui needed to get to Callingiri to sort out a job seeding wheat on a farm by Thursday.  Off we set again and were only 30 mins away from our destination when we got a text from our mate Anne to say the panels had arrived.  We couldn’t believe it!



Christmas & Jan 2011

Hi everyone! We trust you all had a fantastic Christmas and a Very Merry New Year!  We certainly did.

Around 20 friends and family at our place for champagne breakfast Christmas morning.

Very hot but had lots of fun and cooled off in the pool.

A very big day, as was Boxing day to eat all the left overs.

We had decided that we would stay at home this year and do some more preparations for our big trip around Australia next year, however after learning that 2 lots of friends were at Cliff Head we packed up Tiki Tourer and off we set late afternoon on the 27th December.

Decided to drive the new Indian Ocean Drive that has recently opened up from Lancelin to Cervantes.  Great road and a couple of good look outs to take photos.  Unfortunately it was pretty hazy so our photos weren’t that clear.  We were both pretty tired so pulled off the road and continued on the next morning. A leisurely trip calling into Cervantes, Greenhead and Leeman on the way up.

These photos were taken from the look out at Leeman.  Beautiful spot.

Our friends Gavin & Tracy were staying at a different Bay and we had a very pleasant extended Happy Hour evening with them.  Unfortunately we left our camera behind.

Many fantastic meals with our other friends Jock & Annie, great cooks, happy to be on dishes duty!! New Years Eve was a blast and after having Dinner with Jock & Annie joined in with the other campers.

Pulled out New Years Day to head back home.  Head wind was a pain!  Stopped after 2hrs

and had a Nap.  The joys of a Motorhome!! Started off again and after following really slow traffic pulled over at

Moore River for the night.