Still Around Perth – July 2012

OMG! It is July already!  We are not liking the cold weather.  This time last year we were up North wearing summer clothes!

Seeding is now over, finished about the 24th June.

After waiting for rain we then had a bit too much and seeding was delayed a little.

Cam & Blair came to stay for the long weekend and had a great time.  Tui fixed Pete’s 4 wheeler and the kids loved it. Tui being the biggest kid!

On the Saturday we took the boys for a drive to O’Brien’s lookout, Wongan Hills and did the loop back through Balidu, showed them Pete’s other farm Tootra then back to Tiki Tourer.

We were really impressed with the lookout. Very well done with signs around all sides depicting what you are looking out, picnic tables etc. Cranked the old Pot Belly up back at the farm and did toasted marsh mellows & toast etc.  Yummm!! Another night with Pete we had our first attempt of making Beer Damper. Beautiful!!

Holly, Pete’s little dog, was our constant companion and Tui even set up her own little chair with a blanket and she used to snuggle up to keep warm.  Lauren’s kitten Lilly tried to take over the chair one day! Thanks to the Woods family for having us.  We will be back!

It was then back to Perth to fix our storm damaged fence!  We decided to go the long way and have a couple of days R & R at one of our favourite places, Cliff Head, and drive home down the coast. The plan was to take until the Friday to get back but as usual our plans change frequently and we were back by Wednesday to meet with the Insurance assessor. After much discussion it was decided to raise the garden beds to reinforce our side of the fence as the neighbours block is higher than ours.  The first day we did all the digging preparation. Friday Paul helped Tui pick up materials and low & behold all hardware stores had sold out of the fencing panels we needed. The work was completed on the garden beds Saturday.  Thanks to Paul & Andy for your help!

Sunday was an R & R day as we had a great night with Dave & Tracy and also still no fence panels.  We managed to find a little hardware store in Scarborough on Monday that had panels! Thanks Hayden & Tracy for a lovely roast dinner! Fence complete it was now time to fill the garden beds.  4 trailer loads later the plants were placed back in.

Really pleased with the end result!

We have the most awesome tenants who made us really welcome and let us park in our old spot!  They have our place looking amazing! Lots of laughs over wines & beers and great meals together. Justine wrote us a lovely poem and Georgia & Oliver wrote lovely words in the card, along with a great brush for Tiki Tourer. Brought tears to our eyes! Click on the photo to enlarge so you can read the words. Tui told Justine to write a book of Poetry!

We had a lovely lunch at Hillary’s our last day. Thank you Justine, Tony, Oliver & Georgia! We will miss you!  Oscar Too!

We are now parked at Paul & Sue’s.  Tui is doing a spot of maintenance on Tiki Tourer, nothing major then it is off to the specialist on Thursday. Paul & Tui were on a mission last night and set a great fire going.  Warm & Toastie!  Thanks for your hospitality.

We have been so spoilt, thanks everyone sooo much!!  Until next time “laugh more, live longer”






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